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We focus on unity, diligence, pragmatic,
innovation as MIJA’s core values:

And we strive for providing the best-quality product, best price and best service to customers around the world.

1. What’s your main gift product? What’s the material made of?
We produce USB flash drive, compact mirror; leather jewelry, money clip and cufflinks as our featured products, and material with Stainless steel/ Alloy / Iron / Brass / copper, etc.
2. How about the gold/silver/steel you usually use?
We only use raw materials with good quality and origin certificate.
3. Will I need special software to run USB?
Current operating systems all support USB, operating systems that are no longer supported by their makers may or may not support USB without modifications. Many devices get all of the software support they need from the OS, but there are some that will come with a floppy or CD with specialized drivers for that particular device. Don’t worry about getting the right software because the OSS that support USB always know how to determine if anything else is needed and they will help you get the software loaded so the device works correctly. At one time there was some limited support for USB on Windows 95, but that is no longer available.
4. Does USB affect the cost of PCs and peripheral devices?
USB is a built-in feature of most PC chip sets, as well as operating system and other system software, which does not significantly affect PC prices. By eliminating add-in cards and separate power supplies, USB can help make PC peripheral devices more affordable than they otherwise would be. In addition, USBs "hot-swapping" capability allows business users to easily attach and detach peripherals. Device sharing can reduce the cost of ownership of such equipment.
5. Will any web browser work at Mija-int.com?
Almost any web browser will allow you to browse the Mija-int.com website. However, in order to check out successfully at mija-int.com, you must be using an up-to-date web browser that supports JavaScript.
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